“We have to act. We have to act now to try and clear up some of the appalling damage we have made to the ocean … and that is going to require positive action”
Sir David Attenborough

Our proposal addresses the themes of the Government’s Maritime 2050 for the future of the sector and has the potential to enhance the UK’s reputation internationally while also generating jobs in shipbuilding and supporting industries.

Consideration should be made to building the vessel in the UK, as part of Maritime 2050. This gives a visible commitment to the confidence and continuation of British shipbuilding and retaining and building on skills in the shipyards of the United Kingdom.

Britannia Maritime Aid will help address the impacts of climate change; strengthen global peace, security and governance; strengthen resilience and crisis response initiatives; promote global prosperity; tackle extreme poverty and help some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

Ultimately, its success will be measured in lives saved, communities rebuilt, and people helped.

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