Every minute counts when natural disaster strikes, whether it is a hurricane, earthquake, tsunami, volcano, fire or other catastrophe.

Britannia Maritime Aid is a registered charity which has been launched to deliver immediate emergency aid, while also helping to train the next generation of British and Commonwealth seafarers.

Our aim is to fund and operate a British-built merchant ship, manned by UK and Commonwealth seafarers, which will have the dual purpose of operating as a disaster relief platform and a sea training vessel for cadets, midshipmen, apprentices and trainees (both seafaring and non seafaring).

It will provide an effective and regular means of directly delivering UK overseas humanitarian aid and skills training on a year round basis to UK overseas territories communities in need, and when required to provide direct, fast and cost effective emergency response to disaster hit islands and coastal commonwealth countries.

Our senior project team includes highly experienced and qualified maritime experts. Influential figures from the maritime world, politics, business and society have also backed our cause.